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This website is entirely dedicated to the events occurred in room 636 of the Gunter Hotel on February 8, 1965 and events that followed in room 536 of the St. Anthony Hotel on February 9-10, 1965 in San Antonio, Texas. The information posted on this website is supported by official documents acquired with the San Antonio Police Department (Cold Case Division), Bexar County Courthouse, documents of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, 1965 newspaper articles, exclusive crime scene pictures of both hotel rooms, documents of the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office and the Office of the City Attorney of San Antonio. Additional pictures were also uncovered with the Institute of Texan Cultures and with the Front Page Detective Magazine. An exclusive interview with retired Homicide Detective Frank Castillon (September 2003) and case studies conducted by Guillermo Fuentes 2003 – 2017 were also utilized for the setup of this website.

After 14 years of intense research, Guillermo Fuentes, author of the book, "The Murder of Room 636 (A Haunting Truth) is proud to announce to be the first independant researcher, outside law enforcement, to acquire the complete murder case file concerning the incidents of the Gunter Hotel and St. Anthony Hotel occurred in February 1965. Special thanks are expressed to the San Antonio Police Department (Cold Case Division) and the Office of the City Attorney (San Antonio) for their cooperation. This accomplishment was possible thanks in part to the Public Information Act and to the unconditional help of members from both institutions mentioned above.

The Gunter Hotel Murder Case dating February 8, 1965 was officially closed by the San Antonio Police Department (Cold Case Div.) on September 01, 2010 due in part to Mr. Fuentes' request for the release of documents concerning this incident. This case is no longer an active investigation.

Due to the graqphic nature of some information posted on this website, viewer discretion is strongly advised.